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3 FREE Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Group

launching lead generation written by hallie Aug 01, 2022
3 FREE Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Group

“Open a Facebook Group”, they say! Ok, sounds easy enough, but opening the group won’t get your ideal avatar running over to join. Don’t fret – we have some ideas on how to grow your Facebook group.

Idea #1: Post, post and post some more on social media.

Your people won’t know you have the group if you don’t share the news, right? You will have to post frequently in the beginning (think: teaser, announcements, countdown) and then on a regular basis ongoing. When you share the news make sure to let them know what’s in it for them. Will you be doing training? Sharing insider secrets or tips? While a few people will join to be supportive, most will need a WHY.

Idea #2: Host a FREE masterclass or workshop inside your group.
Do you have something you want to teach your ideal clients that will give them a small win? Hosting this inside your Facebook group works really well and helps grow a community of people all wanting to learn the same thing. Bonus win - you elevate yourself in that community as an expert in your field.

Idea #3: Promote to your email list
We want to reach people where they are, and email is still an amazing way to connect with your people. Create a fun announcement to let your list know you are creating a community and share why they’d want to come on over and join. Encourage them to invite a friend or offer a “freemium” (a freebie of high value) once they join.

There are so many other free ways to drive traffic to your Facebook group.

Join us in the Roadmap for Online Entrepreneurs Facebook group and let us know if you have any that you have tried and love.