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Are You Running a Tumbleweed Business?

business mindset written by hallie Oct 04, 2022

What the hec does this mean? Hang in there, this will totally make sense by the end…promise!

When I first started my own online business, I had ideas and goals but very little idea of how I would get there. I threw some pricing and offers together, tucked my head down and just DID THE WORK.

I took just about any client that came my way.

I took just about any work that came my way. 

I worked outside of my scope like I would earn a prize for it.


I mean, isn’t that what you need to do when you open a business? Somehow the bills have to get paid and I need some experience and testimonials.

It worked for a while, until it didn’t.

I finally paused one day, looked UP from my desk and realized I was building a tumbleweed business. Meaning, it was a piece of tumbleweed blowing along in the wind gathering up things along the way.

No rhyme or reason to what I was doing. I was not in control or leading the business; I was going where the wind took me. 

Now here is the visual of what this looks like: tumbleweed is prickly, so to pull it apart to remove the things you have gathered HURTS. And it is not easy. But I got myself into the mess and the only way to fix it  is to either toss out the tumbleweed or to pull it apart and leave only what I wanted to keep. 

Here is what I did to correct:

  1. I reduced my work as much as I possibly could (enough to pay the bills) and rested.
  2. I got crystal clear on how I wanted my days and life to look like. Not the money, not the work, not the “how” but the kind of life I want to have.
  3. I looked at each part of my business (team, clients, schedule and work) and asked myself if it supported that life. 
  4. I released some clients and some team members. Not easy. 
  5. I raised my pricing, not so I could be called high-ticket, but to match the actual work and skillset I was offering.
  6. I partnered with someone that has the same vision as I do that will allow me to refine and expand my services.

It is a process for sure, but totally worth it.