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Launch Trends: Helpful or Hurtful?

business mindset launching Jan 25, 2023
Launch trends

If you are in the online space you can't help but notice not only all of the different ways to launch your offers but also the divisive advice and information being promoted.

Some gurus even go as far as using FOMO or icky marketing tactics, claiming their way is THE way and anyone who does not follow them is dumb or wasting time/money. 

So, who do you listen to?


What we recommend is you spend more time upfront deciding on which launch method works for you, your audience and offer. Then stick to it and launch that way over and over and over.

We do not recommend flipping from one launch method to another, back to the first one, then a new one, on and on. That makes you, your team and your audience dizzy. We love a good roller coaster ride, but not for your launch strategy!

Once you have some metrics from a few launch cycles, this is where paying attention to some new trends comes into play.

👉Incorporate them with purpose. Plan, don't react.

👉Make a list for future ideas. Yes, you will survive if you don't take action the moment an idea pops in your head.

👉Don't completely abandon your method - adjust your method to mimic a trend.  

👉Analyze each launch like a scientist. Try changing up one part or element of your launch at a time.


We would love to hear what type of launch you do and how you deal with launch trends. Comment below to let us know!