Is Launching Dead?

facebook group launching Nov 12, 2023

There are so many different ways to “launch” your offer, course, program. And while launching has been around for a while, it peaked massively during the pandemic. Whenever you see a flood of something in the market you will notice a peak, followed by a dip, then it levels out.

What we want to speak to here is the method of launching that you might know as the Facebook challenge. You have seen them – “join my 5-day challenge/bootcamp/masterclass where I teach you to (fill in the blank)”. They are mostly used by coaches to add members into their paid courses or programs.

The short answer – NO WAY. Launching is not dead. Not even close. We still see clients with multiple 6-figure launches at all times of the year. But they have slowed down. Here are some reasons why:

High burnout. If you do not have an experienced team with a fine-tuned process AND practice good self-care during this type of launch you are guaranteed to burn out. Which means you and your team could end up disliking the whole experience and giving up. Even highly experienced teams enjoy a break from launch cycling – it is not for the faint of heart!

High cost. The cost of doing this type of conversion event can add up! (FYI - the market is often not forthcoming with this information). While some of the costs are front-loaded for your first launch others are recurring each launch. Those that don’t have the monetary bandwidth to fund it may have bowed out of the launch game for now. It takes time and money to test the market and learn if your challenge will draw the right people into your coaching program so it is not a good strategy for everyone.

Facebook challenges are incredibly effective conversion events when planned and executed strategically. We like to see our clients use this method in combination with other types of revenue streams so they are not launch dependent. Do you launch? Comment below and let us know!

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